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Niani Cosmetics

Coursework: Package Design

Niani, a fictional start-up company offering a high-end line of eco-friendly beauty products, has signed exclusive rights with Bergdorf Goodman to sell their introductory line. Produced in Bujumbura, Burundi, the cosmetics are made from 100% natural ingredients derived from Burundi’s indigenous flora. Based on a philosophy of environmental and social responsibility, Niani’s products are sustainably harvested and never tested on animals.

Targeted at professional women aged 22-45, the design is a simple, streamlined interpretation of the trees from which the product is made. Reflecting the Niani mission statement of revealing both inner and outer beauty, the outer wrap can be removed to reveal the hidden beauty of the inner carton.

Niani Cosmetics | Brand Mark and Romance CopyNiani Cosmetics | Inner CartonNiani Cosmetics | Outer Packaging (Front Panel)Niani Cosmetics | Outer Packaging (Back Panel)Niani Cosmetics | Compact PackagingNiani Cosmetics | CompactNiani Cosmetics | Eye ShadowNiani Cosmetics | LipstickNiani Cosmetics | Dieline for Eye Shadow PackagingNiani Cosmetics | Process SketchesNiani Cosmetics | Inspiration Board