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Ora et Labora

Coursework: Exhibition Design

The end result of a nine-week course focused on the process of designing an exhibit. With a chosen topic of Trappist beer, the goal was to create both an educational and entertaining experience for all visitors—from beer geeks to beer novices and everyone in between.

Inspired by the forms, materials, and ambience of a monastery, the journey begins with an introduction to the Trappist order and the International Trappist Association. With a basic understanding of the monks, visitors continue into the Brewhouse and the Ingredients Gallery to learn the basics of brewing beer in anticipation for entry into the Sanctuary. On their way out of the Brewhouse, visitors are able to put their new beer knowledge to work in the “Design Your Own Recipe” room. Heading into the Sanctuary, visitors find themselves in an awe-inspiring space topped with a cathedral ceiling and a large rose window at one end. The “side chapels” are intimate spaces where visitors can learn more about each of the Trappist breweries currently in existence. The journey ends in the Beer Garden, where visitors can sample some of the products previously discussed in the exhibit.

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