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Coursework: Branding

MODhaus is a modular shelving system that allows users to creatively and easily organize their belongings. The components would be sold unfinished, allowing consumers the ability to finish the components to match any decor. System components include: a 12x12x12 cube, a 6x12x12 cube, a 6x6x12 cube, a 24x12 shelf, and a 36x12 shelf.

Inspired by the Bauhaus, the MODhaus logotype consists of a simple graphic paired with a sans serif typeface. The graphic recalls the cubic components of the shelving system with the red square illustrating the dimensionality of the product.

Targeted at city dwellers in their 20s to 50s, MODhaus ads would appear in highly visibly public transit locations. With the tagline "Imagine the Possibilities," the Bauhaus-inspired visuals would simultaneously encourage viewers to bring out their inner "artist" and serve as a reminder of how flexible the MODhaus system can be. Another component of the marketing campaign is a 13x19 poster meant to serve as a giveaway both in stores and at industry conventions.

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